The Linen Way

Client: Mindsparkle Shop
Date: 2016-09-01
Services: Website Design, UX


The Linen Way specialises in linen wear and accessories for women. High quality, casual innovative design, range of colours and natural linen fabric is the basis of our brand.
Linen is the oldest textile ever produced. This fabric is strong, ecological, naturally cool and highly breathable, which is perfect for every season of the year.

‘The Linen Way’ is inspired with strong liking for natural textile. Our brand was born from the passion of its founders: Kiran Bajaj and Jaya Redkar. It was conceptualised by the desire to show that linen is much more than just a rough grey fabric. We work on designs from our imagination, create unique shapes and cuts; and then soften and wash the garment until it gives us the desired finish that is natural to this fabric.

02. Desktop Experience

We did a quick evaluation of the website’s first draft, to get an idea of the main areas for improvement & noticed that the ‘donate’ CTA was fairly low in contrast compared to the other elements on the page. There were also a lot of choices that the user had to make when deciding how to donate.
To reduce the number of choices the user has to make, and simplify the Donate page to highlight the online donation options. Donating online is likely to be the most common way people want to donate if they are already on the website so it is important to prioritise this.

03. Mobile Solutions

A famous saying by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry can be applied to mobile UX design: “Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away.” It was essential to get rid of anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary & we reduced clutter to improve the comprehension.